The planning and control of the project

Project Planning & Control

Project planning and control

The main input of the project planning and control phase is data related to the planning and budgeting model. In case of using building information modeling (BIM) services, all estimates are done in this system and implemented in the project planning and control model. Also, if two-dimensional maps are used in the traditional way, modeling is done after the meter and accurate estimation is done on the maps. 1. After the approval of the initial plan by the employer, all the prerequisite and post-requirement relations of the activities and data required to complete the modeling are performed and the final program file is provided to the employer. If the employer wishes to receive project control services, all tools related to the collection of real data, including graphs, sheets and tables, are provided to the project control manager of the workshop. In the time periods required by the employer and according to the standard, this data is collected and compared with the program and based on tabular and graphical reports in a fully functional manner in the fields of human resource management, machine management, cost management, time management. , Procurement management, contractor management, activity management and other applications are provided. These project control reports include critical activities with differences between program and actual data, along with effectively rooting out disputes and providing rapid and optimal solutions to project success.


Prepare a schedule

The Arad Project Management Team assists in reviewing, communicating between different project members, and reporting by providing a schedule for your project. In addition to coordinating with project stakeholders, including the employer, managers, and the project team regarding deadlines, milestones, activities, and ensuring communication between them, the program helps identify problems such as lack of time, resources, and other issues.

Enter real information

The only way to compare the program with the execution state is to collect measurements during construction. In this service from Arad Project Management, you will have the measurement of key indicators and other criteria defined in the program, data analysis, report of what you have done too much, or less than expected, and what you have done according to the plan. It will also provide an analysis of the problems in the system and the opportunities identified for future use.

Provide a dashboard of real project images

By recording project images at designated stations in the project, it is possible to compare the actual status of the project Will be provided with the expected schedule at specified intervals. In this method, in addition to identifying the problematic parts of the project and making the necessary corrective decisions accordingly, the progress of the project can be monitored over time.

Preparation of logistics program

One of the most important things in a project is knowing what should be used as a product, service and other things in the project. In this service, all activities related to procurement from the collection of initial information to requests, information, price inquiries, selection of the most suitable suppliers and sellers, product delivery, service and other items are planned and controlled in an integrated manner. In this way, no factor that causes the delay and failure of the project will be forgotten and the cost and time of the project will be significantly saved.

Prepare a cost plan

By preparing a cost and budget management plan, having a cost baseline will allow you to compare what has been spent with what should have been spent. Also, by having the method of spending in each phase and activity, the necessary tools are provided to prevent costs outside the program and thus the profitability of the project