Some completed projects of Arad

Arad project management team with more than 12 years of experience in various fields of construction industry and various projects from residential, commercial, medical to infrastructure and providing their services using the latest technologies in the world is an important step to facilitate the management of construction projects. Reduce costs and time, increase efficiency and quality at all stages of the project life cycle from planning, design, construction to operation.

Shaghayegh Doctors Building

BIM to serve the customer in Aradhco modeling This clinical project started in 2015 and the program management, animation works. The client needed the model details (3D 4D 5D, Clash Detection) to build with high fidelity, so as a solution, all 2D drawings are deformed and modeled in order, so help the customer Navis and Revit Makes a difference before making what you want to see and saves up to 20% in cost and time

Structure, architecture



1300 Meter

Tehran-North Freeway

This part of North Tehran Freeway has been started since 2017 and is a concept design free company Office buildings and the entire road project including tunnels, bridges, waterfalls and road equipment have been developed as well as project animation from scratch. Up to 100 to help the customer walk through the model whenever and wherever they want. This model and animation helped equip the road at a better time and cost

Road, tunnel, bridge



3600 Meter